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Let us talk about drugs, faith and weight loss!
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What you read here is three of my articles put together in one short book for your convenience. The first deals with drug abuse amongst teenagers or anyone else for that matter and how to spot it. They all follow the same pattern and the question is then asked: What are your legal right as a parent? Are you allowed to force a drug test? What happens when the drug dealer comes to you for drug debts etcetera? The article was originally published as The Drug Addict Pattern and my view are that the parents are the victims here and not the addict. Secondly we discuss my faith as a Christian which I feel is under threat for various reasons. It is based on notes I made to myself through the years whilst going through hard times and the school of hard knocks. It was first published as Religious Issues. Lastly we look at how easy it can be to lose weight and keep it off. I lost 126 pound during the last year with very little effort and kept it off. This short article will explain my method which anyone can follow for I am as lazy as the next fellow. It was originally published as Weight Issues.