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The Female Manager Guide To Getting The Best From Your Team
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Are you a Female Manager in business in the UK, US, Canada, ANZ or another English speaking region? Are you looking for fresh new ways to drive CHANGE, and improve the PERFORMANCE and RESULTS of your team and overall company? If so, The Female Manager Guide to Getting the Best From Your Team’ is a must read for you. Just as a female racing drivers job is to win races and a female footballers job is to win matches, a female managers job is to get the best from your team and deliver results. Male or female, your goal as a manager is the same… to deliver results through people. But regardless of gender, leading a team of people and getting the best from them is not easy. You need to give yourself every advantage possible in order to deliver the results expected of you. Enter Enterprise LEADER, a ‘low-cost’, ready made team development program which female managers -- like you -- are using to improve team performance and financial and operational results (i.e. more sales, more customers, more profits, more cash, better service, better quality, better results… faster, quicker, easier and with less resources). In this short yet practical ‘how to’ guide, you’ll learn about Enterprise LEADER... what it is, why it works, how to use it and the practical steps you need to take to get the best from your own team. If you are a female manager in the world of business and lead a team of people, the ideas, tools and strategies outlined in this book will help you get your team(s) tuned in to your business, performing at a higher level, and achieving greater results than you ever thought possible.