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نبذه عن الكتاب
End The LightCatcher
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The City of Lions in the year 3013 is a beautiful but treacherous city for children deemed silly, lazy or useless by society. Having been deemed useless by society for not achieving “Destiny” (which basically means not finding a job) by the age of 13, End Cloud is stripped of citizenship and subjected to the “Sphere of Influence”, a cruel device which will erase his memories, delete his ability to make decisions and force him into mechanical labor. But just as his mind was about to be completely erased, he suddenly receives a special invitation to join a prestigious military school for children gifted in LightCatching, which was a mysterious ability to channel power into military weapons by means of emotions. Possessing no such ability, though also possessing an abundance of volatile emotions, End fights to stay in the school whatever way he can, so that he may one day earn his right to return to society and see his parents once more. But as he journeys deeper, he begins to unravel the true mystery behind the school, and the real purpose and destiny of End Cloud.