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نبذه عن الكتاب
All Souls' Night
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Horror & Supernatural Fiction, Short Stories Walpole’s third collection of short fiction, sixteen stories, including several of his best supernatural tales. Walpole’s two strongest stories in the genre are Tarnhelm; or, The Death of My Uncle Robert, a strangely moving and poignant werewolf tale told from the point of view of a sensitive little boy; and The Silver Mask, the story of a middle-aged woman’s fatal obsession with a sinister and beautiful young man. The Silver Mask is in fact, a masterpiece, a classic example of how a tale can be truly terrible and ghostly with no ghost and only the wispiest hint of the supernatural. Contents: The Whistle, The Silver Mask, The Staircase, A Carnation for an Old Man, Tarnhelm; or, The Death of my Uncle Robert, Mr. Oddy, Seashore Macabre. A Moment’s Experience, Lilac, The Oldest Talland, The Little Ghost, Mrs. Lunt, Sentimental but True, Portrait in Shadow, The Snow, The Ruby Glass, Spanish Dusk