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نبذه عن الكتاب
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle 2
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Fantasy & Magical Realism Doctor John Dolittle, the veterinarian who can actually talk to animals, sets sail on the high seas for new adventures! Accompanied by his young friend Tommy Stubbins and the beloved animals of his household – Polynesia the parrot, Jip the dog, and Chee-Chee the monkey – the good doctor is off to forbidding Spider Monkey Island to examine the rare jabizri beetle. But the mysterious island holds another, darker secret: The famous Indian naturalist, Long Arrow, has mysteriously disappeared – and Doctor Dolittle urgently needs to speak with him. Doctor Dolittle and his friends brave a shipwreck, find the floating island, and meet the incredible Great Glass Sea Snail – the keeper of the greatest mystery of all.